SOLUFINTM follows a goal-based financial planning approach, where prime importance is given to identifying the clients' current and desired financial position and all efforts are directed to bridge the gap between them with the resources available with the client. Keeping in tune with our philosophy of using a modern approach to implement traditional principles, we try to strike a balance between conservative and aggressive financial behavior at a point that best suits the client. We believe in keeping the plan simple and the finances de-cluttered.Clients can opt for any of the following types of plans to suit their requirements:

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Up your game as far as your finances are concerned. We cover all aspects of personal finance under a comprehensive financial plan and help you chart a road map to your financial goals.

Goal Planning

Have a financial aspiration but don't know how to achieve it? Don't worry, for we will handhold you through the entire process from clearing your financial focus, saving and investing for it, to finally achieving it.

Investment Planning

Saving money does not build a fortune. Investing it right does. Make an investment plan to know where your savings should be so that they can grow enough to fulfill your financial dreams.

Estate Planning

Passing on your financial legacy to your descendants is as important as building it.Avail of our estate planning services to be sure that your wealth will be smoothly passed onto your family after you

Tax Planning

We guide our clients to making the best use of various tax concessions provided by the government so that the returns on their portfolios are as tax efficient as possible.

Insurance Planning

Securing yourself from the financial shocks of loss of good health, life, property is a must. And so is securing your financial portfolio from bad insurance products. We guide you through it all.

Retirement Planning

After years of hard work, everyone is entitled to their golden years of retirement that are financially sound.Our retirement plans aim at achieving complete financial independence post retirement.

Debt Management

Did you know some loans are actually good for your financial health? We help you pick and choose the right kind of loans and also manage your debt and use borrowed funds most efficiently.

Mutual Funds

Mutual funds enable us to invest in a variety of financial instruments without having to bother about big corpuses, research, commitments and experience. We help you choose and invest in the right ones.